The Significance of Quality Time: Why Fall is Perfect for a Romantic Getaway


The Significance of Quality Time: Why Fall is Perfect for a Romantic Getaway

October 9, 2016

Written by: Sarah Dee

For many people, summer is an incredibly busy time of year – whether it’s with work, spending time with your kids while they’re out of school or visiting family in other states or countries. As relaxing as summer should be, often times it’s more of the go, go, go season. While you might have spent time with your significant other during this season, it may not have been quality time. Busy schedules and tight deadlines can sometimes lead to feelings of frustration and agitation that might be directed toward your spouse. With the crazy months of summer coming to an end, fall is the perfect time to finally wind down and spend some meaningful time with your partner the way you deserve! Here’s why you should put the planner down and take a romantic getaway with your significant other this fall!


It Will Help You Strengthen Your Friendship


The basis of your relationship is your friendship. Whether you have kids that need attention constantly or you have an incredibly demanding job, we can sometime get so lost in everyday life that we forget why we’re with our partner. This give you the chance to tear away some excess layers and strengthen the bond you may have put on pause for a bit.


It Will Give You Time for Romance


Romance is so important in a happy relationship. Giving yourself space from work or kids means you’ll have time to focus solely on your partner. You’ll actually have time for sex, which means it will be better (and more frequent) because you won’t have to worry about work or your kids’ needs.


You’ll Get To Explore the World the Way You, as a Team, Want


If you do have kids, you’ve probably become so accustomed to putting their needs first that you don’t even remember what it is you want. You and your spouse will get to explore the world and the way you want to – see and do things you want to experience without having to think of what your kids might enjoy.


It Will Help You Recharge and Get a Much Needed Break from the Real World


In order to grow and thrive in relationships, it’s important that we’re also filling up our own cup. In giving yourself time and space away from the mundane of everyday life, we’re allowing ourselves to recharge and revitalize – crucial in maintaining a strong relationship with your partner!


You’ll Have the Chance to Create New Memories & Fall in Love All Over Again


During the adventure you’ll have with one another, you’ll laugh, flirt and experience new things! You’ll create a plethora of new, happy memories, and have the chance to really come back to why you fell in love with your significant other in the first place.


According to family law attorneys in Goldsboro, Strickland, Agner & Associates, separation is a commonly seen case. Take opportunities whenever possible to spend one-on-one, quality time with your partner so you don’t lose sight of what you have together.


Sarah Dee is a writer and mother. While she writes about a variety of topics, her passion and main focus is writing about child and roadway safety. She enjoys with connecting with fellow parent writers and exchanging stories and experiences.

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