Review: Springfree Trampoline 11 Foot Square Large Trampoline with Gaming Accessory!


Review: Springfree Trampoline 11 Foot Square Large Trampoline with Gaming Accessory!


Christmas is just a few months away.  If you have kids, buying more toys and “things” are just going to clutter your home in the New Year.  Give your entire family an active gift this year that can be enjoyed 365 days a year; rain or shine and even snow!  This is something that moms, dads, toddlers, little kids, big kids and everyone in between will enjoy.  What gift am I talking about?  A Smart Trampoline from Springfree™!  I dare any adult to hop onto a trampoline and not have fun and feel like a kid again.  It’s easy on the joints, great exercise and your kids will LOVE to get outside and have a jump with you.  My husband and I have headed outside to our patio after the kids have gone to bed and ended up jumping – it’s so fun and a nice way to burn off some energy (and calories!) before bed!



We reviewed their 11 foot trampoline which a best seller and designed for large yards and children (and adults!) of all ages!  Watch their video on You Tube to get a better look at this awesome trampoline.


What makes Springfree Trampoline different from a regular trampoline with springs?  Springfree Trampolines were re-designed from the ground up. It’s the only trampoline on the market that has engineered out all hazards on a trampoline with springs. I remember as a child, we had a neighbour that made you sign a waiver that their lawyer created in order to jump on their trampoline. That trampoline had pads that barely covered the springs and no enclosures.  Before we received the 11 foot square trampoline, we already had a Springfree™.  It was a bit smaller and to be honest, we purchased it because it was known as the ‘fancy’ trampoline.  I didn’t do much research before buying – I had just heard that it was the best.  We had friends that were surprised at the amount we were willing to spend on the trampoline and said they also had a fully enclosed ‘safe’ trampoline that was a fraction of the cost.  If you are planning to purchase a trampoline, I URGE you to watch the this video on what makes Springfree the safest trampoline on the market.  I think the image of the watermelon (think of a child’s head) falling from above onto a traditional trampoline verses a Springfree trampoline. It is very scary.  The cheap enclosed trampolines have the padding and netting for looks, but most of them really wouldn’t keep your child from getting seriously hurt.  Most trampoline designs only meet the bare minimum to comply with trampoline industry standards. By comparison, the Springfree Trampoline has a number of safety features:
– No springs (which gives you MORE jumping space!)
– No frame at jumping surface
– Flexible net with flexible rodsimg_3830

If you think your kids would actually jump on a trampoline, keep them safe and only buy a Springfree™.  Try visiting a local trampoline park, or a Springfree experience location, to make sure it is an activity that everyone loves.  If you decide that it is a investment that your family will love for many years to come, invest in the largest trampoline you have the space for.  We have a large backyard and love the 11 foot square.  We previously purchased a smaller oval Springfree™, which was fun, but the larger one is great for the kids and mom & dad!  I even zip in my 20 month old frequently and he walks back and forth and bounces for a long time.  We usually see tears when it’s time to get off as he just doesn’t want to stop jumping.


Springfree trampolines can be enjoyed year round.  Customers who live in colder climates frequently ask us how to care for their Springfree Trampoline in the winter. The Springfree Trampoline is constructed from all-weather parts which provide peace of mind all year round. Construction includes a powder-coated galvanized steel frame, rust-free composite rods, a UV-resistant polypropylene mat and safety enclosure.  To protect your investment in the winter months simply clear away any heavy snow accumulations off of your trampoline with soft-bristled brush or broom. Do not use a shovel as it could damage the mat or enclosure net. Complete this simple task and rain, shine or snow your Springfree Trampoline will always be ready for jumping.  They are lots of fun in the winter and as long as you aren’t letting snow pile up and weighing it down, it is perfectly fine to keep up during the winter.  We had an early snow fall over Thanksgiving weekend and my kids played on the trampoline for hours!


Our trampoline came with the new gaming system; tgoma.  tgoma® turns your Springfree™ into the first outdoor interactive digital game system designed for a trampoline.  The system takes games outside and makes them active!  With many games and apps to choose from – your entire family will love to discover a new way to play!  The tgoma was very easy to set up (see image below – those are all the steps to set it up on your tablet – only takes a few minutes) and my kids enjoyed looking through the games and interacting with them.



There is also a Jump Fit option which makes keeping track of your exercising fun and easy.  You can track your jumps or even set goals to achieve.  I really like the Math apps; my oldest is in grade three and the app will ask a math question and then she has to jump on the correct answer.  It is a really fun way to learn!  The ipad sits in a little holder hanging off of the netting – this holder can stay out all the time.  There is also a tgoma battery pack that needs to be brought in and out with the ipad/tablet.  My kids (age 7 and 3) were able to manage the tgoma gaming system on their own, so it was quite straight forward.



If you are planning to get the tgoma, I would highly suggest having your trampoline installed.  The tgoma requires sensors and wiring to be installed all over the trampoline, so it is a bit complicated.  The installers were right on time and had our old trampoline down and the new one up in under 75 minutes – it was amazing!  They are so quick and efficient and it enables your family to start jumping even faster.  We installed the last trampoline ourselves and while it wasn’t overly hard, it definitely took a while because we had never done it before.  The installers are experts!


The other thing we didn’t buy with our last trampoline was the basketball hoop.  I wasn’t sure if my kids would use it.  My 3 year old puts all of the our balls from the yard into the trampoline and can shoot baskets for hours.  It is by far his favourite part of the trampoline.


I love how Springfree really cares about their customers.  The service is outstanding.  They also stay in touch by email and send you things like a “Health Check” reminder to keep your trampoline safe and maintained.


To BUY, visit their website:  They are offering a great discount now until November 13, 2016 – you will receive free shipping and a free step, plus $100 off tgoma.

TO LEARN more about the trampoline features, visit: http://www.springfreetrampolinereview…


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Happy Jumping!



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