Postural Changes with Pregnancy


Postural Changes with Pregnancy


As baby grows so does our posture change – our centre of gravity the push and pull of our muscular system, ligaments, spine, pelvis, neck and nerve system.

This change is amazing – our bodies are brilliant in how it knows to adapt to pregnancy over the 40 weeks we are pregnant and again adapting after birth. (Adapting after birth – so needs more attention ladies – this part of our care is so missed with new baby at home and life takes on so many new directions).

Sometime along the way our adaptations can get stuck or be limited – if we have too much stress coming at us in different directions – the physical yes, too the mental and emotional not to mention the nutritional stress to clump a few together.  Our bodies work with baby to grow and change and adapt.  If our bodies get overloaded with compounding stress – the body can not keep up and symptoms or conditions arise.  Some symptoms we develop: heartburn, ligament pain, upper back pain, headaches, low back pain, carpal tunnel pain, knee pain, just to name a few.

Some helpful tips. – Start before you are pregnant if you are able – train yourself to start focusing this way for your next pregnancy if you are already pregnant.

Nutritional:   Focus on a balanced nutritional intake – keep water high –  I see many mom’s who are more pro inflammatory due to lifestyle have more symptoms and a lower threshold for adaptation.

Lots of veggies/greens – lower carbohydrates.  We need carbohydrates, but when you are tired what do you reach for?  Be intentional to try have water at 2-3 pm to minimize cravings – Have small snacks of nuts/seeds or if you are able cheese/protein snack.  Protein the last 3 months is crucial as baby is growing the most here – up your protein by 30%.  Again speak to your health care practitioner to see based on where you are now if this is necessary.

Physical:  Move – daily move – Move throughout the day not just one walk or one workout for 1 hour.  Divide it up into small manageable sessions.  Do one session with walking or cardio,  one with stretching and one with strengthening.  Each session need only be 10-15 minutes.   Small manageable pieces can create healthy habits for you when baby arrives so you can continue post baby. You don’t have to be going to Crossfit or hot yoga – actually some extreme movement’s positions can compromise babe.  Speak with your health care provider be it your chiropractor, naturopath, MD, OBGYN.  Really work on opening up the front side of the body and strengthening the post chain or back side i.e. the gluts so important throughout life especially this season.  Your hamstrings and back muscles are another group of muscles that are so crucial for pregnancy and postnatal flexion subluxations creating interference, muscle weakness and pain.

Mental and Emotional:  Fill your bucket or make sure you are surrounded by individuals who will and do fill your bucket.  What do I mean?  Someone that is encouraging, speaks life, is supportive or acts in a way that is loving and supportive.  Read uplifting books – not necessarily self help but ones that make you laugh and brings you joy.  Journal what you are feeling even if it is a word or a phrase it doesn’t have to be a whole page adding to any stress.  Plan date nights or nights out with friends now and be intentional and consistent.  Throughout pregnancy and postnatal – it helps reenergize and rejuvenate you and your partner.

A reference for you:  Well Adjusted Babies By Jennifer Floreani

Here for any questions:  Cheers Dr. Wendy Coburn wishing you a great pregnancy, delivery and ever after with your new addition!


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