A Tester Mama Review: Laugh & Learn™ Fun With Friends™ Musical Table


A Tester Mama Review: Laugh & Learn™ Fun With Friends™ Musical Table

September 9, 2013

Here at Mommy Connections Oakville, we LOVE sharing advice, product recommendations, tips on the best programs in town, upcoming sales at our favourite shops and so much more, because as a mom you often look to other moms for word of mouth referrals and what their experiences have been like.

We recently asked a graduate of our Mom to Be program and upcoming participant in our Mom & Baby program to review Fisher Price’s Laugh & Learn™ Fun With Friends™ Musical Table.

Below is Karie-Ann’s honest feedback and no part of this review has been edited by us.

musicaltableDespite that the table says that it is for 6 months +, as soon as our 5 month old daughter woke up from her nap and I brought her downstairs, the first thing she noticed was the table. Her eyes lit up and she started reaching for it in my arms. We put it on the music setting to start and she stared at all of the lights and then stared at me with a huge smile on her face. She loves pressing the buttons and hearing the various sounds.

A few things seem to set this learning table apart from other products we have used:

1. We absolutely loved the fact that the table came with batteries. As soon as I opened the box, I thought: “Oh no! I don’t know if we have batteries in the house!” But then I quickly discovered that it came with batteries and was so relieved. A really nice feature!


2. The assembly took mere minutes, which is so helpful!

3. We found the fact that the table lit up and played a small song or sang a word when it was not in use for a few moments very motivating for our little one. She might be distracted for a few moments, but when the table automatically started playing music, she went right back to the table.

4. Being French, I love the bilingual aspect of the table. I especially liked that it starts with English first, which is what is recommended by speech pathologists.

5. I think the table is very well priced for all of the features.

6. The only “downside” is that our little one is not quite ready to stand on her own, so we took the legs off the first time. But it was still raised too high without the legs for her to do it in tummy time. And she was not really able to sit and play with it unassisted when the legs were off because she would fall into it from my lap. It might be a suggestion to make the table legs adjustable so that she could have reached it from my lap or from a Bumbo or similar seat. This is likely why the instructions say 6+ months though.

Bottom line: we loved this product and know that it will grow with our daughter for many months and years to come! I would definitely recommend it as an affordable, interactive and fun activity to any of my numerous mom friends.

Karie-Ann, Founder Oakville Baby Bumps & New Mommas (a meetup.com group with 190+ members)

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