Pre-Natal Yoga


Pre-Natal Yoga

November 12, 2015

Prenatal Fitness and Yoga

Finding the right fitness routine during pregnancy can be difficult. Especially if you were a very active person before or if you are finding your usual routine isn’t working anymore. At 34 weeks I think I finally figured out what was best for me. Keep in mind every pregnant woman is different, it’s just a matter of finding what works best for you.

Here’s my story: This is my third pregnancy and up until about 25 weeks, I was very active and participating in mommy bootcamp, barre classes, yoga, weight training, walking and cycling. But around 30 weeks pregnant, I was feeling a little deflated as my mommy bootcamp classes and regular yoga classes were starting to cause me hip pain and overall discomfort. Even walking long distances was starting to cause pain. The only thing I had left was cycling. But after a conversation with my OB, she advised that cycling at this point was a little risky due to my balance. So I sought out the advice of a physiotherapist, who advised me to stop all of these activities except cycling. I was left feeling more confused than before. Then I discovered pre-natal yoga. Ommm.  It’s my new favourite weekly activity and I wanted to share the experience with all of you!

Pre-Natal Yoga at iGita Yoga Studio on Kerr St. 

The Low Down: 

The Space: Let’s set the mood. Imagine, a small and dimply lit studio, warm and comfortable, mats and props already set up and ready for each of us, the perfect mix of cool and inspiring music and always a warm and peaceful welcome from pre-natal yoga instructor Kat. A lovely start to class.

The Instructor: Kathryn Dallimore. A trained pre and post-natal yoga instructor, personal trainer and spin instructor, has been teaching yoga for 10 years. Although Kathryn is trained in many different varieties of yoga, she has become more passionate about pre-natal and post-natal yoga and mama bootcamp since having her first baby less than a year ago. For myself, Kat is what makes this class stand out from others. She has a way of making each one of her participants feel genuinely cared for and important.

The Class: The class consists of just the right amount of work and relaxation. Focusing on preparing woman for birth. Yoga during pregnancy helps to improve circulation, fatigue and aids in alleviating the discomforts of pregnancy, including, nausea, swelling and back pain. It’s also a really nice way to connect with other mama’s to be. For myself, it’s the only time and place that I really stop and connect with myself and my growing baby. Kat reminds us to stop and take a minute to be thankful and appreciative of the miracles that are growing inside of us.

I highly recommend pre-natal yoga (this class in particular) to all pregnant woman – it’s a wonderful environment, which allows us to focus on ourselves and our babies and nothing else for one hour a week. At the end of each class we get to close our eyes, breath, and relax. And Kat reminds us to be thankful for our babies and our bodies.

Thank you: Thank you to Kat for teaching this class in our wonderful community and for genuinely caring about the health and wellbeing of each and every one of her mama’s to be!

For more information about Kathryn and her classes: 

Pre-natal Yoga is Tuesday evenings from 6pm-7pm at the iGita Yoga Studio on Kerr St. 

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