Baby #2, Coming Through!


Baby #2, Coming Through!


Jan 27 Mama Blogger – Charlotte McGraw

Born and raised in small town Saskatchewan, and living in the queen city for 10 years, Charlotte is your typical Prairie girl. She’s a mother to almost two, wife to one and friend to many. Even though she’s a social media junkie that watches too much trash TV, her favourite thing to do is spend time playing with her family.

Baby #2, coming through!

I’m currently working on becoming a second time mom; in fact number 2 is scheduled to arrive in less than two weeks.

This time around pregnancy is so different. Many days I’m so busy chasing my toddler around that I forget I’m pregnant.  And, when I’m sore at the end of the day and do remember, all I can think about it is my toddler.

What will this mean for him? How will our relationship change? Is love really multiplied and not divided? Basically, I’m over ridden with guilt and sadness, in the midst of my joy.

So, as any good mother would do, I’ve spent hours trolling the internet trying to figure out how to best transition my toddler. Here are the top four tips I’ve learned, and how they’re working out so far.

1. Don’t make any major changes in the weeks leading up to baby’s arrival. How am I supposed to do this? The baby’s room has become mission control. I mean we’ve been spending hours in there getting things ready and set up. All of this fuss has to be planting the seeds of jealously. But seriously, we did transition our first to a big boy bed around the 5 month mark. And, we moved the rocking chair out around 7 months.
Pro tip: we replaced the rocker with a comfy dog bed and pillows from Costco to create a cozy reading corner. He loves it!

2. Show your first photos of when they were little to help them understand. The cute baby album I created two years ago is finally getting used! I’ve pulled it out of the cupboard and we’ve been looking at it often. I talk about when I was pregnant the first time, and all of the things we did to prepare. So far, it’s been helpful in minimizing jealously over the baby’s room and all the effort we’ve put into decoration.  My toddler has a new sense of pride in his bedroom now that he knows his room was decorated special too when he was in my belly.

3. Let them know the plan for when you go to the hospital. We’ve been explaining to our toddler that we won’t be at home for a few days when I have the baby. He’s excited about his special time with Grandma and Grandpa. We’ve also been explaining that I’m having a c-section, so he’ll have to be gentle with my belly and I won’t be able to pick him up once we’re home with his sister. This has, for the most part, been going well. Minus the fact that my toddler now proudly announces that his baby sister is going to get cut out of mommy – maybe I shouldn’t have provided so many details.

4. Plan out the introduction so the focus is on the toddler. This really made sense to me. To reduce jealously, ensure your toddler gets a warm welcome and is the main focus. I plan to give a warm hello, and go with the flow. We’ve purchased a gift from baby as well – so he knows just how happy his sister is to meet him.

With my c-section looming I’m still nervous and worried about my toddler. But, I’ll leave you with these words of wisdom I was given by a friend: “You’re over thinking it, they’re way more resilient than you give them credit for.”

Wish me luck!


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