Free Entertainment: Priceless


Free Entertainment: Priceless


March 3 Mama Blogger: Krista Broda

Krista Broda is a Bachelor-loving, coffee-guzzling, married mom of two crazy boys. Originally from Vancouver Island, she moved to Saskatchewan In 2009 after falling madly in love with a lifelong Prairie boy. She loves to travel with her family and drink only the finest white wines that can be found for under $12 a bottle.

Free Entertainment: Priceless

I’m a stay-at-home mom of two boys, and let me tell you, they have more energy to burn than I have money.  I’m not ashamed to admit that, in an attempt to save my sanity and keep the house tidy for 5 minutes, we have been to every even remotely kid-friendly place in this town. While some are better than others, I rarely leave feeling like I’ve gotten my monies worth. For example, once I loaded up two kids in the dead of winter and paid to go into a play structure. As soon as the coats came off my son asked to leave because he didn’t “feel like playing on a play structure today.” True story. Kids are unpredictable, so I made it a goal to explore Regina and find some great activities for us to do on a budget – and we found many! Below is a list of our favourite go-to activities for indoor and outdoor fun.

Evraz Park

This is by a mile my children’s favourite summer activity and a real hidden gem in Regina. This park has a playground, free outdoor pool, picnic area and a train – but the best part? All summer long at the park they have elk, bison and deer and they welcome you to feed the animals fruits and vegetables. They seem to be quite domesticated (while still in a “natural” habitat) and will come right up to the fence to take the food.

Pro: Any produce in the fridge that is about to be tossed can go to the elk.

Con: Your children may not eat their vegetables because they want to save them for the elk.

You can find us here several times a week in the summer.


Ok, maybe it’s not free, but you’ll always need groceries. We shop at the Co-op like it’s the only grocery store left on earth. Sure it’s a little more costly, but you can’t put a price on leaving a grocery store without feeling the urge to go on a murderous rampage (hi, Superstore). My boys LOVE to go to Co-op. They have little carts just their size that make them feel like they are huge helpers.  Did you know they have a free Kids Club? Well kept secret. I signed them up at customer service and they now get free treats in each department. They recieved their own membership card in the mail and they do special events throughout the year. While shopping, employees will hand them fruit snacks and bologna and chocolate loonies. Instead of sprinting in to get groceries like it’s a daunting chore, take your time and enjoy it – ask what items they want to put in their little carts. If you are in a rush, they have great carts with cars in the bottom. My son would literally choose this over anything else in town.

Regina Early Years Family Center

You know when you’re laying in bed browsing Pinterest and you find the most PERFECT CRAFT EVER for your kids, so you rush out to Michael’s in the morning and spend $78 on a few craft supplies only to get to your car and realize you forgot to use the coupon you spent 25 minutes trying to get on your phone? When you finally get home and complete the craft, it looks nothing like the picture and then a month later you get your house appraised for 75% of the value because there is still glitter EVERYWHERE. Cue the Early Years Learning Center. This place actually encourages kids to come and paint, do messy crafts, play and interact with other children. There is an endless amount of things to do here, including music and cooking classes – and it’s all free. So your kid spends hours playing, and paints this amazing picture and you’re getting ready to head home and you’re all like “what do I owe?” with a wad of $20s in your hand, and they’re like “I already told you, it’s free.” and you’re like “look, I’m running late, quit playing around and take my money” and they smile politely and tell you to come back soon. That’s the Early Years Family Center.

Regina Public Library 

If you already know how amazing the library is when you have children you can just keep on scrolling…but first…WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME? I’m embarrassed to admit that I just got a library card this year. I’ve done a few of their programs (also amazing) while my son was a baby, but never spent actual time in the library.

Imagine the scene from Dumb and Dumber in the diner where they tell the waitress that Seabass is going to pay their tab and then start throwing on everything they can when they realized their plan worked. That’s how I felt the first time I used my library card.  My 4 year old must’ve picked out 20 books and they were all…just…free. The libraries have great play areas for the kids, computers and countless programs. The downtown location has fantastic toys you can borrow, and then return, like, 40 minutes later when your child gets bored of it and wants to play with a paper towel roll instead. It’s always nice to see books and toys go back to the library rather than the depths of our playroom. We often rent DVDs for our van to keep the kids quiet…err…entertained on our drives.

I’m always looking for frugal ways to keep my kids entertained – do you have any favourite places in the city?


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