The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is…


The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is…

December 5, 2011

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.…now.

Health, like planting a tree,  is something that moves at a relatively slow pace. You hardly ever see changes overnight, you notice them after a while. When you start a new exercise regime, it may take a few days or even weeks before you see the newly toned muscles, notice the extra spring in your step, experience the absence of that back muscle twinge. And it feels great, doesn’t it? Similar to when you check the soil and the little shoot is poking out of the earth, you are getting results!

Why am I writing about this now? Because this is the time when most people take stock and realize that things have got out of hand a bit, or a lot. That extra winter layer was there last summer, no point in denying it, it’s been ages since you went for a walk. Life is so busy that you hardly have time to stop for a meal, let alone cook it. And with the kids and work, all you can handle is a couple of hours in front of the TV with a glass of wine to unwind and do it all over again tomorrow.

And then you say to yourself that all this is going to change, you are going to find your skates and take the kids to the rink (by the time everyone is set up and ready to go, you are happy to take a breather on the sidelines with a chocolate bar (“hey, give me a break, it’s sugar-free”, you say). And then, you will start parking the car a few blocks away from your destination and use the stairs, if you can find them, so you can get some exercise. Maybe you will start doing that when the weather improves, we are in Canada, after all. You also decide to take a few minutes everyday to yourself, to reconnect with who you are and your purpose because it is good to know where one is headed. Maybe tomorrow you will wake up 10 minutes earlier to do that, great idea!

Once the holiday season is over, you will definitely start that wonder diet that melts fat in two weeks, that will be great, I know someone who did it last year and it worked. Who was it? It will come back to me later or maybe I’ll google it, one of these days for sure. If all the above fails, you can finally use that complimentary yoga pass and try a few poses, you will have to park underground and walk as fast a possible to the place because you won’t be seeing in public carrying a yoga mat! If you run fast, at least you get the heart rate up, that’s good.

You will begin to see the funny side of things and will make an effort to find the seed of a benefit in every challenge you face, that will help a lot because I face many challenges every day. And finally, you will go back to that hobby, neglected for months, or is it years now? Life is so busy and there are so many priorities that it will be tricky to find the time, but you will absolutely try.

Those ideas are great and, when applied consistently, will yield results: better health, more energy to do things you enjoy, increased calmness, improved ability to deal with stress, a nicer person to be around and a lighter mood. If you have been around for a while, the best time to start that was 20 years ago… and the second best time?

Happy holidays!

Luis Alberto Ballester/The Roving Healer is coming to Mommy Connections this Friday

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