Going Green when you Clean


Going Green when you Clean

March 25, 2012

It is with great pleasure and much anticipation that I can finally open the windows around the house and walk outside with my sandals on! Could it be true? Is Spring really here? Uh-oh… I know what that means. I suppose I should probably clean the house!

So, the first subject I’d like to discuss on my blog is ‘Green’ or ‘Eco’ spring cleaning. Did you know, according to the CPA, (Consumer Protection Agency), “150 chemicals found in the home are connected to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological disorders”?And in 1988 the EPA, (Environmental Protection Agency) conducted a 5 year study which found: “3 groups of people are primarily affected by indoor chemical concentrations because they spend more time indoors and their immune systems are weaker. The 3 groups are: Infants, toddlers, chronically ill and the elderly.”

So I say, ditch those nasty toxic household cleaning products and check your food cupboards and recyclables for alternatives to use instead. Here are just a few every day items well worth trying:

Vinegar – a great anti-bacterial cleaner. Use to mop floors and wipe kitchen worktops. Helps keep your kitchen hygienically clean.

Baking Soda – for scrubbing the really stubborn stains on surfaces and kitchenware.

Cornstarch – a carpet cleaner to name but one of this simple ingredient’s many uses.

Newspaper – gets those glass surfaces and mirrors sparkling.

Beeswax Candles and Aromatherapy Oils – Light these all natural candles and warm some delicious smelling essential oil of your choice to put pay to that stale and stagnant air.

Hydrogen Peroxide – If something much stronger is needed ‘H.P’ can be used, diluted correctly and used with caution. Visit www.goldtoporganics.com and click on super oxygen for the many uses this natural product has. Please always keep this product out of children’s reach.

I found particularly helpful advice on how to use these products and even more ‘green cleaners’ at www.eartheasy.com. Okay, so it might take a little more ‘elbow grease’ to spring clean your house from head to toe with natural ingredients for household cleaners. But let’s not forget what you’re getting in return: peace of mind. You are doing your bit, even if it is ‘baby steps’ towards living a healthier lifestyle, for a healthier planet. Using ‘environmentally friendly’ household cleaners as alternatives to the yucky synthetic kind, promotes good, clean sustainable living and helps keep us and our kids healthy too. Why would we want to do anything else?

Please visit my website and come see for yourself what Dundurn Arts and Healing Centre has to offer you.

Have a healthy, happy day!


One response to “Going Green when you Clean”

  1. Ferrah says:

    Great post! It is so much easier to clean in a green, safe way than many people think-just “make your own” like you suggest, or educate yourself on ingredients to avoid and make wise shopping choices and away you go to a greener, healthier home!

    My whole family has asthma and allergies so we are careful. Our favourite cleaners are the Soapberry cleaners from OnlyGreen-made in Canada with ingredients LISTED and recognizable. If you don’t want to make your own and don’t trust the greenwashing in the cleaning aisle at most stores, give this line a try!

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