Making Our Gem Sensory Bin


Making Our Gem Sensory Bin

April 13, 2015

Sensory Bin #4

Since having my second daughter in November I have been wanting to have something quick and easy to give to my 2 year old when I’m nursing my daughter or otherwise preoccupied with something else that isn’t just turning on the TV and something that will keep her attention for longer than a minute – for those of you with a two year old I’m sure you know what I mean!

So a couple weeks ago we headed to the dollar store, on a mission to find items for our very first sensor bins. We made 4, all of which I will be sharing – this is our fourth – the gem bin

When walking through the dollar store my daughter spotted some blue and green gems that she loved so we decided to get them for the bin


We combined the green and blue gems together in the bin


We then added some different toys, along with a shovel. The items we included had a variety of different textures and feels.

– The gems are hard and cold

– The rubber snakes and frogs are soft and sticky

– The bears are soft and when you squeeze them red and blue lights flash inside the bears

– The eggs are light and hallow – they open up as well

IMG_0404 IMG_0405

My daughter really enjoys this bin. She will open up the eggs and fill them with some gems. She likes shaking the gem filled eggs and making music. By using both green and blue gems we are able to work on colour sorting as well – separating the blue and green – or only putting the green/blue gems in the eggs. She really enjoys the bears and the lights inside of them. She also really likes the snakes and frogs – they are kind of sticky and stick to one another.

We had a great time making our 4 sensory bins – it was almost as fun making them as it is playing with them.

They are an easy activity I can grab and give to my daughter that will keep her occupied for a long time and they keep her attention, unlike some of her other toys!

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