Review: The Born Free Bottle Genius


Review: The Born Free Bottle Genius

May 4, 2015

One lucky Mom in our Mom and Baby group got the chance to review the Born Free Bottle Genius. She has a 7 month old daughter who is primarily bottle fed using formula. She was able to use the Bottle Genius for 2.5 weeks in hope it would make her life a little easier with a baby (as easy as life can be with a baby around!). See her review below


Bottle Genius™

The Born Free Bottle Genius™ takes the hassle out of getting bottles ready for baby.  As a one-stop station, it creates accurately dispensed baby bottles at the perfect temperature, ready to serve to baby.

  • Easy to Use – dial for 2 ounce to 10 ounce serving & push button
  • Accurate measurements – weighs and measures out formula and water with SmartScale technology for perfect bottle every time
  • Works with all major bottle & powder formula brands
  • Time and energy efficient – heats desired amount of water on-demand for baby, or dispenses water at room temperature
  • Cleaning cycle – allows you to sanitize entire system

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This review was written by a mom in the Saskatoon Mom and Baby program for Mommy Connections. The opinions in this article reflect the writer’s experience, not my own, but I think this product is great!

The product was very easy to assemble. User manual provided great detail on assembly and troubleshooting. Product is also very easy to use: you can make a bottle of formula with a touch of just two buttons. It definitely saves time as machine calculates amount of formula based on the amount of water and then dispenses it into the bottle in a matter of 2 minutes.

Prior to getting the product, we had a very different system of making bottles. We used to boil water in the morning and prefill 5-6 bottles with the same amount of water to be ready to go during the day. Then, as baby would get hungry I would measure out formula, mix it with water and use a bottle warmer to warm it up.

Now all I need to do is fill up a water and formula containers that come with the machine in the morning and make bottles as need arises. The machine also has an option to make bottles with room temperature water or a warm water, which meant we don’t need to use a bottle warmer anymore.

The only two cons about the machine I found were
1) That it doesn’t mix the water and formula – it measures out the formula into the bottle and then adds the water so you have to stir/shake the bottle to mix the two together. I wish the machine could mix the formula powder and water, as it would make it completely hands free experience.
2) Sometimes formula clogs the dispensing part and you need to unclog it for formula to be dispensed properly. This usually happens if water gets in to the part, and then you need to disassemble the top of the machine and clean out the formula dispensing part.

Overall I really like the product! It saves a lot of time for us. I highly recommend this product. It makes formula making much faster, more accurate and almost hands free experiences. Any parent of a small baby knows life can get very busy taking care of your little one, and any help is welcome, thus purchasing this product can simplify a very important part of your daily routine.



This product can be purchased at Babies R Us

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