Those Days – Mommy Blogger


Those Days – Mommy Blogger

November 5, 2017

Okay parents, let’s talk about “Those” days.  We all know the ones, where laundry is piled up from days before, dishes overfill the sink, your twice microwaved coffee before 9:30 am doesn’t seem to cut through the exhaustion of another sleep interrupted night.  The ones where you feel as though you have given the littles all you have, and it isn’t enough.  And there is still the uphill battle of surviving the rest of the day.

How do you survive those days? How do you pick yourselves up and muscle though?

I have succumbed to the powerful distraction skills of Netflix on occasion, poured myself another cup of coffee and just sat. In as much silence as my toddler filled home will allow, to re-coop, gain perspective and go through a list of what is really truly important to accomplish that day.

First things first, I take a deep breath and remind myself that everyone will survive.  The kiddos will be fine if they don’t have an educational, hands on, growth and learning filled day.  Secondly, I pour myself (to the brim) a nice warm cup of coffee.  (I deserve a fresh cup) Thirdly, prioritize. I do what I can, and try not to stress about the rest. Put my focus on what needs to get done (like food for the kidlets, more coffee for me etc). And I try to remind myself – in this moment, what is the most important thing I feel needs to be accomplish today. I could be the only one, but laundry and dishes does not get close to the top of my To Do list.

Let me just say that I would however, take myself on a long and winding guilt trip for not having the energy, patience, or mental capacity to be “That” Mom.  The one that can seemingly parent and blast through any storm thrown her way.  But after four years of my sweet gremlins occasionally beating me to my momma core, they have given me numerous opportunities to remind myself of what is truly important during those days.  I have learned to cut myself some slack, and to practice patience and forgiveness. Forgiveness and understanding for needing a little break for the daily grind, and patience to know that today I might take things a little slower but tomorrow is a new day.  But, maybe these days are the one where LIFE is reminding us of what is vital.  Is cleaning off the peanut butter finger printed front window? Or picking up the cluster of favorite toys covering the living room floor? Tackling those cornered dust bunnies?

Maybe, these are the special days.  The ones that are giving us a gentle nudge to remind us to take time, and take it all in.  Enjoy the couch snuggles, the laughs, the “I love you’s” the slow downs and change of pace from the constant go-go-go.


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