Looksee Checklist by ndds


Looksee Checklist by ndds


Ndds is a non-profit organization made up of early childhood specialists who’s goal is to empower parents by encouraging proper development with the aid of growth checklists. The series is divided into age categories, each containing 12-20 simple “yes” or “no” questions. Each category also provides parents with tips in seven different developmental areas – Emotional, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Social, Self Help, Communication, and Learning & Thinking.

Although I’m not a huge fan of rigid timelines for milestones, I was interested in reviewing the Looksee Checklists to see if it might be something that would interest our readers.  I’m typically a believer that all kids develop differently and at their own pace. I think that parents often take on unnecessary stress and worry if they put too much focus on their child’s developmental milestones (especially new or first-timers). That being said, I think there is a level of awareness that parents need to be equipped with to be able to recognize the signs of more serious delays or concerns.

The Looksee checklists range from 0 – 6 years, with monthly checklists for ages 0 – 12months. I was able to use two of the checklists – 12 months, and 5 years. For my 11-month old daughter, questions included things like “Combine sounds together as though talking” and “Pull up to stand on furniture”. There was nothing on the list that she wasn’t able to complete, and the tips were mostly things we already do. My 5 year old and I completed his checklist as a “challenge”. While one of the questions was “jump on one foot several times” I asked him to jump on one foot as long as he could. It was actually really fun going through the questions together. I found the tips in this age group really awesome.  One of them was to let your five year old answer the phone and take a message for you, something I’ve never really let my little guy do.

My favorite thing about the Looksee checklists were the tip sections. I thought they offered great opportunities to encourage growth in a simple and straightforward way. The series is definitely a beneficial guide and could help parents evaluate their children and to give them developmental goals in any area for concern. The pocket edition or posters would make an excellent baby gift as a resource for new parents.

Looksee pocket edition

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