Keeping your family safe with Alberta Blue Cross


Keeping your family safe with Alberta Blue Cross


Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a huge advocate for health benefits. I think there are so many misconceptions about our current health care system that most families don’t understand until its too late. As Canadians, we sort of preach this idea of “free” healthcare, and truthfully, it wasn’t until I got sick that I realized how far from the truth that was.

In 2016, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my immediate thought was “how am I going to get my kids through this”. I didn’t want them to see me sick, I didn’t want them to be afraid. Financially, I was worried about being able to pay my mortgage while going through treatments, but figured that Alberta Health Care would cover all of my medical expenses. I had been a self-employed Director with Mommy Connections for a while, but after my divorce—when I lost my husband’s benefits—I figured I couldn’t afford coverage while being a single mom, managing my business and working part-time. From the time I was first diagnosed to my first surgery, only nine days had passed. Things were happening so fast and all I could do was try and keep going.

With surgery after surgery (three in the first month) and needing to be  home on IV antibiotics to treat a nasty infection, I still didn’t have any benefits. Every pain prescription plus the rental fees for the IV system were all out of pocket. Before starting chemotherapy, I was warned that I may need a drug called Neulasta—an injection that came with a hefty price tag of $2,800 per injection. I would possibly need this injection every three weeks, and it was not covered. My heart sank and I knew there was absolutely no way that I could possibly afford this treatment.

A funny thing happens when you’re diagnosed with cancer, you become uninsurable to a lot of companies. I wasn’t able to find coverage for what I needed and I was really scared. I spoke with one company who was able to give me coverage, but it was extremely expensive and very limited in what it offered. Alberta Blue Cross was one of my last calls. I remember getting off the phone and feeling like a weight had been lifted. I was not only surprised that the agent was able to find me an amazing plan, but that I would actually be able to afford it.

Thankfully I only needed three Neulasta injections throughout my chemo treatments and by the time they were required, my Alberta Blue Cross plan had been set up. I can confidently say I will never go without Alberta Blue Cross health benefits again.

I feel blessed to be on the up and up and have began the reconstructive process of breast cancer. I still have more surgeries ahead of me, but these days my benefit coverage is mostly used for physio, acupuncture, massage and dentist or eye doctor appointments. My #1 favourite thing about my Alberta Blue Cross coverage is that it’s affordable for my family. They’ve created an app that lets me keep my health benefits at the tips of my fingers. I can see all my recent claims, submit claims instantly for providers without direct billing and have my ID cards always on me.

Nobody expects their family will face devastating health problems, but the reality is it does happen. Even if you don’t end up getting coverage, please just take a minute to phone to get a quote. I promise you that the peace of mind that comes from health and benefit coverage is 100 per cent worth it. Visit to find info on your nearest office.




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