Taking Care Of Mom – Written By Barbara Grant, Founder of Retrofit Pilates


Taking Care Of Mom – Written By Barbara Grant, Founder of Retrofit Pilates


The first thing I remember seeking out when I was a new mom, was other new moms. At least that’s what I did when I wasn’t too exhausted to leave the house. I needed to be in the company of new moms to help orient myself to this strange new life I was living. Everything was unfamiliar and revolved around the seemingly unending demands of my beautiful new baby who inspired in me equal parts unparalleled love and deep despair.

Post-natal exercise classes – like Mom’s and Babes Pilates – are a great place to make this connection. You’re socializing with other moms and still able to feed-on-demand. And you are starting to get back in touch with the needs of your own body and the changes it has been through. You may only get a few ab exercises in between your baby’s cries at first. But it’s a start at getting back to you.

Navigating early motherhood eventually gets easier. But motherhood is a life-changing event. Learning to be a great mom and still be the individual person you want to be is a never-ending balancing act.

One of the best choices you can make to achieve this balance is to develop a regular exercise routine. It feels now like you will never get your body or your self back.  But there will be a point when your baby will be able to stay with your partner or your mother or a friend, and you will be able to start doing something on your own again.

An exercise program that focuses on your needs and goals, with a trainer that can support and inspire you will give you the mental and physical energy you need to parent. It will make you feel better about the way you look.  It will help you recover. It will bring you come back to a place where your body and mind belong to you again.

And it will model from the very beginning healthy life habits for your family.

For more information for Pilates classes for moms with and without their babes contact retrofit.ca

Barbara Grant is the founder and president of Retrofit Pilates and a mother of two. Follow her Blog, Confessions of a Body Addict: Keeping fit and sane while raising a family, running a business, and creeping up on 50.

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