Money Mondays: Usana Health Sciences


Money Mondays: Usana Health Sciences

June 25, 2012

Tell us about your business, and why you love Usana Health Sciences?

When the Usana opportunity was presented to me in 2006, I never would have imagined how it would transform my life. We were recently married and I was working at a public relations agency. I was super busy but I knew that we were to start a family I wouldn’t be able to keep up the 50-70 hour work week with a baby.

A few things that impressed me with the Usana opportunity:

  • Optimal health – I was overweight, had low energy, had a chronic cough and cold that lasted months each year. Being healthy, having loads of energy and feeling great every day were so important if I was going to be a good mom.
  • Time freedom – Although my career was growing, the agency I worked with owned my time. Vacation days were scarce and I was a slave to the time clock. I needed an option where I could work less and spend more time with my family.
  • True wealth – Despite recent pay raises, I was still living pay check to pay check with little relief in sight to my credit card debt. Was I truly going to achieve my financial goals working for someone else who controlled my time and salary?

Since that day in 2006, I was thrilled to “fire” my boss and now work full time as a distributor for Usana. I have the freedom of controlling my own time and am able to take 6-8 weeks of vacation each year when I choose. I have time to spend with my two beautiful kids and don’t have to miss a minute of them growing up!

What are some of your favourite products?

Usana is known for making the highest rated nutritional supplements in North America. My favourite product is the Essentials. Paired with BiOmega (a fish oil), this is my secret weapon against the sleep-deprived nights and runny-nosed kids who are always bringing germs home! I feel great now and have more energy than I did before kids!


My kids L.O.V.E. the Usanimals! Every day, they’re excited for “Vitamin Time!” It’s a struggle getting them to eat well so I feel much better knowing they’re getting all the nutrients they need to grow into really healthy kids.


After my son was born, I gained a ton of weight. I felt puffy, chubby and hated how I let myself go! Ready for a change, I committed to doing a 5-day sugar cleanse called The Reset. Within only five days, I lost five pounds but more importantly I felt better and didn’t crave sugar as much. It gave me just enough motivation to continue on a low-glycemic, high fibre program. I’m now down to my pre-pregnancy weight and vow to never go back to my old habits!

Why is your company a good fit for moms looking to make some income while working from home?

Moms thrive at this business because when you become a mom, there is nothing more important than your health and the health of your family. This business gives moms the opportunity to be super healthy, earn a solid income and share their dream of financial and time freedom. Lots of moms start their business with only five hours a week so it’s easy to do around nap time and the kid’s schedule. They pick who they want to work with and set their own hours – nothing is more liberating than that!

They don’t have to be a health expert or have any background in medicine, but just an ability to learn and be coached.

Moms are my favourite people to partner with so if this resonates with you, let’s chat over a coffee or tea.

 Sarah Rutka

Silver Director and Platinum Pacesetter, Usana Health Sciences, 905-782-1247,

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