The Book That Will Make Your Mom Cry – A Snapfish Photobook Review


The Book That Will Make Your Mom Cry – A Snapfish Photobook Review

June 12, 2014

– Written by Charise Jewell, Mommy Connections Program Facilitator and owner of Crunch Compass


I am an albumaholic. I have my mom to thank, because it was the countless hours that she spent creating beautiful family albums that nurtured my love for a touchable pic. Sure, digital shots are amazing on a slideshow frame, but it’s just not the same as curling up on the couch with my munchkins flipping pages. We give our kids photo books each Christmas so we’ve built up quite a stash. Even my toddler will sit for an hour (which is the longest she’ll sit for anything) naming the people and toys in each picture, just like I used to do with my mom.

Snapfish 1So as Mother’s Day approached and we started brainstorming a gift idea for grandma, one of the first things my oldest suggested was a photo book. During this past brutal winter, my parents came along for the ride (the whole twenty-two hours of it!) when we shared a Florida getaway-vacay. We captured plenty of memories and they were just begging to be stored in page-turning format. The brainstorming session ended as quickly as it began thanks to my clever eight year-old. Props.

I’d love to say it was a cakewalk, but the truth is it took some effort. Mostly because during that one week we snapped SIX HUNDRED pictures… another one of the downsides of digital. Once I finally narrowed it down to the best fifty-seven, it was a breeze. I created an account at Snapfish and began uploading.

They have options to upload from Flickr or Facebook but I did it straight from my computer because I like to old-school it. I went to make coffee thinking it would take a while, but when I returned, it was totally done. The website is supereasy to navigate and has waaaaay more themes and style choices than a mom of three could possibly spend time deliberating over, which is why I was delighted when this prompt appeared:

Snapfish 3One simple click yes (please!) and I was still able to move things around and make any changes but the bulk of the work was done. I proceeded to checkout and a mere ten days later…

Snapfish 4The gorgeous cover has two different pictures on the front and back, paper is impressively thick with high-quality prints, and I LOVE the lay-flat book style – it really does lay totally flat so one picture can span seamlessly! We gave it to my mom and her heart melted almost as fast as that ice cream. I’m thinking we’ll skip the handprint tie and create a Snapfish gift for Father’s Day too. Personalized hockey pucks people, need I say more?!

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