Mommy Connections West Toronto Testimonials


Mommy Connections West Toronto Testimonials

November 2, 2014

Here’s what some of our current Mommy Connections participants are saying about our program. Sound good?! Then come join the fun! Click here for more details.

“Mommy Connections West Toronto is a fantastic way to meet other new moms in the neighbourhood and to share baby wisdom. Karen has organized an amazing schedule of information sessions and fun activities to do with our babies each week. The presenters are from local businesses and the sessions are a great way to get to know resources in the area. The neighbourhood connection is key – and this is what makes this class so much better than other postnatal classes!”

“I am so excited that we (baby and I) got to experience Mommy Connections. We met so many wonderful moms and babies that we really have become quite social! It was great to meet others in the area and learn about all that our neighbourhood has to offer. Thank you for creating a welcome and inviting atmosphere for us to share the journey of parenthood together!”

“I have really enjoyed Mommy Connections. So much so that I signed up for a second go round. There is a lot of great information presented, resources I didn’t even know were available. And meeting other mums and babies in my neighbourhood has been fantastic. I would recommend this to any new mum.”

“Karen, your program is absolutely wonderful. I have highly recommended it to a few close friends who are expecting this Spring/Summer. I talk about the MC classes to them all the time. I really enjoyed the bonding and activities with my lil man each week as well as getting to meet and share tips with the other new Moms in the program. The variety of classes your program offers taught me a lot and really allowed us to decide what we (me & baby) enjoyed best so that we could continue with specific activities later on. The 8-week agenda you developed is fantastic!”

“I’m so glad that I joined this group! I was a bit hesitant at first, but this was so unlike all the “judgy” Moms groups that I’d heard about. Everyone I met was so nice, and Karen is such a great person! This has definitely been the highlight of my mat leave so far!! In fact, I liked it so much I took the same class twice : )”

“This class has been fantastic! The baby & mom pilates, baby sign language, baby/infant cpr and choking to name a few activities have been great! I have participated in other ‘new mom groups’ but none have been as enjoyable as this one!”

“Mommy Connections was a fantastic way to learn important information on parenting (like CPR and starting solids), start to get in shape with fun activities, meet incredible women in your neighbourhood and have fun! A perfect starter mom class to try out classes that you can sign up for in the future. Highly recommend it!”

“Joining Mommy Connections was one of the best things I have done since having my daughter. Not only did it give me the opportunity to meet other mommies in the neighborhood, I learned a lot from guest speakers who were very knowledgeable in their field. I would definitely recommend it to new mommies!” “A great program for meeting local moms and just getting out of the house and trying all the activities for mom’s and babies in the city.”

“It is a great place to meet to new mothers, share our experiences and learn from each other. There are also weekly presenters from the area on different services available (i.e, sign language, sleep training, photography, homeopathic medicine, etc).” “Great place to get advice on being a new mummy and great way to meet other new mummies in the area!!” “Mommy Connections West Toronto is a wonderful way to meet other Moms in the neighbourhood! It has given me the opportunity to not only connect with some truly amazing women around me, essentially my neighbours, but also to learn about different topics that are so relevant to being a new mom, to get to know businesses and entrepreneurs in the neighbourhood that I didn`t know existed (Puh-Nash) or hadn`t ventured into (Sweet Flour)! Outside of the Mommy Connections weekly session I have participated in some events that have been set up on the MeetUp site and I can`t say enough good things about my experiences at these events! Karen has truly done a wonderful job in making Mommy Connections West Toronto the all around BEST group for Mom`s in our neighbourhood!! It`s social, informative and FUN – it has truly been a highlight of my Mat Leave!! ”

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