How To Throw A Backyard Drive-In Movie Party For Kids


How To Throw A Backyard Drive-In Movie Party For Kids


I love planning my little guy’s birthday parties. I’ve always been a fan of a well executed theme party 🙂 For the past couple of years we’ve had a backyard bouncy castle party, and then a Batman themed party at a local play centre. Now that my little man was turning 6, I thought we could have a smaller celebration where he was able to bring a few friends to a local attraction like Canada’s Wonderland or Legoland, but all he wanted was to have a sleepover. So we rounded up 5 of his best friends and had an amazing Backyard Drive-In Movie party (thank you Pinterest!)


Each child was given a large packing box to magically transform into their own “car” for the movie. The boxes were $5 each from Staples, but I’m sure if you planned well in advance you could keep your eye out for free boxes from No Frills or Costco. The key is that you want them to be relatively plain so that the kids can transform their canvas without a lot of preexisting writing.

We used yellow party cups for the lights, red plates for the steering wheel and black plates for the wheels. Then I had an assortment of paint, markers, stickers and other craft supplies. Everything was purchased from our local Dollar Store. I couldn’t believe that this activity held the attention of 6 active boys for over an hour!



Hopefully you’re lucky enough to be able to borrow a projector from your company or a friend or family member. We rented one in a last minute panic, which ended up bring quite costly ($125 for 2 days) If you have time to pre-plan your event I’m sure you’d be able to find a more economical rental, or even buy your own projector on Kijiji or Craigslist. The $125 fee was the price I paid for procrastinating – lol!

We used a white painter’s drop sheet as our screen, strung to a wire with clamps. A few clamps at the bottom of the sheet held it in place without the wind blowing it.

The highlight for the boys was when their “waitress” brought them each a tray of Spiderman themed popcorn, drinks and candy. The tray and reusable containers were then sent home as the loot bag, along with their personalized car. It was an incredible evening, and an event that we hope will become an annual end of summer tradition.



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