“Hey Siri, how healthy is the air quality in my living room?” – Healthy Home Coach By Netatmo


“Hey Siri, how healthy is the air quality in my living room?” – Healthy Home Coach By Netatmo

November 3, 2016

We are all aware of pollution and outdoor toxins but many times we aren’t aware of the level of toxins in our own home. Did you know there are significantly higher levels of toxins inside, as it’s kept in a confined space? We spend 80% of our time indoors so we need to care about that space and manage what we can.

As parents we do things that make us feel good sometimes without realizing why we do them. You spend time and money getting just the right crib, the organic mattress, the perfect light, the sound machine because it all FEELS good. Now the Healthy Home Coach from Netatmo gives you a convenient way for you to KNOW what is good.

You could know that baby doesn’t need a humidifier, despite your aunt insisting it’s too dry in winter, because you would know that the nursery is ideal humidity already and bringing in a humidifier would create mold. Or since humidity plays a huge role in managing asthma and allergies, you could be assured that you have the optimal environment in your big kids rooms. You could know that opening windows in your living room before you head out for the day provides the right levels of CO2 in the room – creating a space ideal for homework, alertness and productivity, when everyone arrives home. Or maybe you would know that when the Furnace turns on at 4am it’s just enough noise level to disrupt your child’s sleep and solve those early morning wake ups.healthy-home-coach-by-netatmo-copy-2

You can know all of this and more about your home’s overall health thanks to Healthy Home Coach – she is hands down my favorite new home tech toy and if you care about monitoring your home environment, she will soon become yours too!

Healthy Home Coach removes the guesswork and let’s parents know the things we can’t see, hear or feel. Once we understand the current temperature, air quality, noise and humidity inside our home then the Coach tells us what to do about it when its not ideal. “CO2 is too high, you need airflow, Open a window” she told me when my husband and I first turned it on one evening in the living room. In my home office one morning she explained I would be “less sleepy if you turned down the heat”, probably saving me from indulging in a third cup of coffee!

Healthy Home Coach operates through a small, sleek tower in your rooms and a convenient and simple app on your smart phone. This means you, grandparents, the nanny or even Suri, can quickly view multiple rooms health all from your phone, anywhere your are!


Healthy Home Coach is the latest in a series of smart home products by French company, Netatmo and in my opinion they’ve created a empowering product for modern parents with thoughtful design and functionality.

You can buy Healthy Home Coach ($119 in Canada) on BestBuy.ca or Netatmo.com

Thank you Netatmo for introducing us to this amazing product. All opinions expressed in this post are our own.

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