The Benefits of Menu Planning

February 11, 2011

I have been grocery shopping for over 15 years. It’s a weekly chore and for some it is not a favourite task. I however, love grocery shopping. It’s is partly because it is a form of shopping (I’m a bit…

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Introducing Solids – Tips from a mom

February 11, 2011

The introduction of solids to your baby’s diet is exciting and yet a bit scary, especially with your first child.  Not knowing what to expect and sorting through the volumes of conflicting information, you may be hesitant to disrupt the…

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Prepping for Life with Baby – Tips for the Expecting or New Mom

February 1, 2011

Having a baby is a highly anticipated event and most parents-to-be plan ahead for their new arrival.  The evidence of this planning can be seen through gift registries, baby showers and prenatal class attendance.  All of these activities and rituals…

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Greening your Parenthood

January 5, 2011

Last night you got three hours sleep. Laundry piles have reached a new high and you’ve been sporting the same T-shirt/ jean combo, accessorized with baby spit-up, for weeks. Your little one has decided the grocery store is a perfect place for yet another diaper explosion. Checking out, the mom next to you gives you a sideways glance as you…

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